Risk of early progression in FL

Probability model of early follicular lymphoma progression after R-CHOP therapy

Early progression or relapse after R-CHOP chemotherapy was recognized to be a very unfavorable event in follicular lymphoma patients. Overall survival of patients who developed an early disease progression (POD24) within 24 months after diagnosis is as poor as 50% in 5-years compared to the 90% in non-POD group (Casulo C et al., JCO 2015). Using the CLSG registry data, we have postulated a clinical-based predictive model for the identification of patients at risk of early progression (Procházka V et al., Blood, 2016; 148, abstract 1779)

Clinical stage (Ann Arbor)
ECOG performance status
Lactate dehydrogenase level (LDH)
Leukocyte count > 109/l
Hemoglobin level < 120g/l